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30 Years of Hunger Relief

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All year long, the Arkansas Foodbank is reflecting on 30 years of filling tables and improving lives of Arkansans. We’ve seen many victories in the fight against hunger since 1984, thanks to our volunteers, donors and partner agencies. And while we stand on our history of achievement, it’s unfortunate that food insecurity is more prevalent than ever. The time is now for all Arkansans to realize that food insecurity is unacceptable and that everyone deserves a place at the table. Join us this year in our vision to create a community where no one has to go hungry. With your help, we can get more food to more families. We have to; the stakes are too high.


Thank You for 30 Years

ArkansasFoodbank30thAnniversary from Arkansas Foodbank on Vimeo.

The Arkansas Foodbank celebrates 30 years of hunger relief.

Partners in Hope

They count on us. Can we count on you?
Every day, thousands of children, seniors and struggling families are counting on food provided by the Arkansas Foodbank to get by when times are tough.
We count on something too - a special group of supporters who have committed to donating to us regularly. You can become one by joining the Arkansas Foodbank's Partners in Hope Monthly Giving Program.
There’s no easier way to help fight hunger.
Join Now!

Foodbank Targets Underserved Counties

It can be said that our nation's prosperity is tied to the prosperity of our rural communities.This is especially true in Arkansas, where agriculture has always been a tradition and a big part of our economy. However, the irony of it all is that the same families who have spent centuries in rural Arkansas, producing food for thousands across the globe, now live in areas where food is most scarce. The numbers speak for themselves; so do the stories:

A man in his 20s in Van Buren County is unable to find work in an area where there are very few jobs, and those available are more concentrated in low-wage industries.

An elderly woman in Dumas dreamed she was standing in a large room and handing out food to people of all ages and races who were reaching their hands up to her. She awoke from the dream saying, "Help them all; help them all." Her husband woke up too and asked, "How can you help all of them when you don't have anything to help yourself?"

And in Eudora, a mother of two drove 15 miles to the nearest pantry, only to be turned away because they didn't have enough food to support anyone outside their area.

These are just some of the harsh realities that those in rural Arkansas face on a daily basis. And that's why the Foodbank has become more aggressive than ever in feeding Arkansas' underserved counties.

How has the Foodbank tackled underserved counties?

"With our local partners," said Dianne Williams, Chief Program Officer. "It's one thing to open a pantry, but it's another to open a pantry that's sustainable."

Thanks to the Walmart Foundation and the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, the Foodbank's Local Partner Development Initiative took off in May 2012 with two primary strategies in place: distribute more pounds of food through current members, and help organize locally-driven hunger relief efforts that will be efficient and effective Foodbank partners for the long term.

At community meetings in schools, town halls, senior living centers and churches, the Foodbank helped facilitate discussions on how these areas would like to respond to hunger. Every community has the resources to address hunger, but finding how the pieces of the puzzle fit together is something the Foodbank worked to help figure out. 

Once the discussion hit its stride, the Foodbank then provided guidance on what it takes to run a pantry. There's no hiding that pantries and soup kitchens are a lot of work. It takes a big commitment from volunteers. But what we've discovered is a willingness to come together and find a way.

In just one year, the Foodbank opened 10 new pantries in our three highest food insecure counties - Desha, Chicot and Bradley. 

For every $1 donated, we can provide up to 4 meals. All donations are tax deductible. 

Our Mission

The Arkansas Foodbank is a cornerstone of hunger relief that acquires and distributes, through local and national partnerships, large quantities of food and other resources to hungry people.

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