THV Summer Cereal Drive

We are gearing up for the 2015 THV11 Summer Cereal Drive! 

We had a record shattering year in 2014 collecting over 218,000 boxes of cereal that were distributed throughout our 33 county service area. The overwhelming response to the 2014 drive allowed the Arkansas Foodbank to provide healthy kid-friendly breakfast throughout the entire year. Thank You! 

For 2015 we are setting our goals even higher. The goal is to collect 225,000 boxes through our community sites, school participants and friendly competition between businesses and organizations. 

We can't do it alone. THV11 and the Arkansas Foodbank need YOUR help! Get involved! Have your business, organization, church group or school sign up to participate in the 2015 Summer Cereal Drive by clicking here

Make an online donation to the 2015 THV11 Summer Cereal Drive

About the Summer Cereal Drive:

THV11's "This Morning" and the Arkansas Foodbank have been teaming up every summer since 2000 to help those in the Foodbank's 33-county service area have food to eat for breakfast. The cereal drive is a friendly competition to see which business, organization and community can donate the most cereal during a four-week period.

Since it started in 2000, more than one million boxes of cereal and other breakfast items have been collected and distributed to food pantries and feeding sites.

2014 Winners 

Overall Winner 
Southwest Power Pool
New Team of the Year Custom Aircraft Cabinets 
Overall Total Collected Over 218,000 

First Division-
1st Place Margland B&B
2nd Place Arkansas Teacher Retirement 
3rd Place Michele Phillips & Company Realtors 

Second Divison-
1st Place Clinton Presidential Center
2nd Place Cardinal Health 
3rd Place NovaSys Health

Third Division-
1st Place City of Little Rock
2nd Place Children's Hospital
3rd Place The Heritage Company

Fourth Division-
1st Place Saint Mark Baptist Church "Yes Camp"
2nd Place Second Baptist Church
3rd Place Holy Temple Cathedral

Benton and Bryant, Donation Total: 10,445
Hot Springs Donation Total: 2,945
Conway Donation Total: 2,150
Arkadelphia Donation Total: 1,619
North Little Rock Donation Total: 1,529
Cabot Donation Total: 4,121
Pine Bluff Donation Total: 3,464

What Counts as Cereal? 
$1 = 1 box

Division 1 -
Under 99 employees
Division 2 -
100-299 employees
Division 3 -
300+ employees
Division 4 -
Churches, non-profit organizations and civic groups





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