Support the Cause of Ending Hunger

How can fifty million people face hunger in a country that wastes billions of pounds of food? 

There's more than enough food in America to feed every man, woman and child. As individuals, charities, businesses and government, we all have a role to play in making sure every family has enough to eat. Together, we can solve hunger by getting surplus food to people who need it.

Here are two organizations that advocate hunger relief by lobbying to protect programs like SNAP (Supplemental Food Assistance Program, formerly known as the Food Stamp Program), WIC (Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Nutrition Program), and school-based feeding programs.

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance

The Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance began as a coalition of the six Feeding America food banks in Arkansas. Its website is a resource for Arkansans interested in joining the cause of ending hunger in the state. The Alliance is issue-oriented and advocates for the hungry as well as collaborate with the national Share Our Strength in the Governor's "No Kid Hungry" campaign. Learn more about the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance.



Feeding America

Or you could join forces with our national organization, Feeding America. They have provided a simple way to obtain updates on critical national and statewide legislation. Feeding America also provides you with a way to directly communicate with your elected officials on important food and nutrition issues. Register today -- and invite friends to do the same! Learn more about Feeding America.


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