30th Faces of Hunger Relief

To commemorate the Arkansas Foodbank’s 30th Anniversary, we are highlighting people who made a difference in fighting hunger in Arkansas.  These people are passionate champions for the hungry and have helped shape the Foodbank into the cornerstone of hunger relief that it is today. Click on each name for the biography.


Virginia Brissey - one of the original incorporators of the Arkansas Foodbank Network
Craig Willis - working for a new building
Joannie Cayce - born with a desire to serve
Connie Bledsoe - Foodbank veteran
Paul Wilkerson - Offering grace, mercy and peace
Joe Copeland -
Giving back through food
Patricia Wright - Helping serve
David Mason-
Bringing Stamp Out Hunger to Arkansas
Tom Brannon - The Need for Food
Glen Shuffield & Tim Jordan - Building Hope
Michael Jordan - Cereal All Star
Joe & Juanita Miller - Sharing A Prayer
Ginger Beebe - The Voice of Hunger Relief
Gary & Susan Coleman - Driving "Thru" Hunger Relief  
Philip Tappan - Paving the Way
Frank Hilliard- Distribution in Mind


These are past and current food pantry patrons and SNAP recipients whose experience has given them leadership insight into ways to fight hunger at home. 

Ashley Williams, Student and Hunger Relief Advocate
Joy Rockenbach, Obesity Prevention Coordinator
2014 Hunger Study Reveals Overcomers

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