David Mason - Stamping Out Hunger

Our next person on the Foodbank’s “30 Faces of Hunger Relief” list is near and dear to our hearts. Little Rock Post Office letter carrier David Mason passed away in February of this year. David played a pivotal role in organizing the letter carriers food drive in Little Rock for the past 6 years.

Those that knew David knew how passionate he was about helping those that are hungry, especially the children.

His goal every year with the Stamp Out Hunger food drive was to keep making it better and feed as many families as possible. His hard work resonated with all of his fellow letter carriers because every year he organized the drive…it broke the previous year’s record.

After honorably serving 22 years as a decorated U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant, David became a letter carrier in Little Rock. It was by chance that he took over the responsibility of organizing the food drive in Little Rock. Years back, an injury kept the current letter carrier from participating in media interviews and leading the letter carriers on the day of the drive.

David stepped right in to take over and help.

He liked it so much that he asked if he could take over the food drive permanently.
Every one of the letter carriers in Little Rock knows that the second Saturday is so important to so many families in our state and it is because of people like David Mason. This year, letter carriers all over the state are honoring David with food drive shirts that say “Ooo-rah,” a U.S. Marine chant that David would use in pep talks to letter carriers the week of the drive.

As employees of the Foodbank went to pick up items this week at Clinton Elementary to kick off the food drive, we were amazed at how many items the students had collected.
Principal Erica Mitchell told us that the kids wanted to go all out this year for David and they definitely did just that. The students collected 2,750 pounds to help feed children their age that are less fortunate.

If David was there he would have smiled. His favorite part of the drive was being able to help feed hungry children and their families. This Saturday, May 10th, everybody can do just that. Leave a can of food out by your mailbox for your letter carrier to pick up.
Do it not just for David but for the 273,000 people in our service area that are hungry.




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