Joe & Juanita Miller - Sharing A Prayer

Our next “30 Faces of Hunger Relief” takes us to Pine Bluff where a married couple has been helping hundreds of people in their communities for more almost two decades.

Joe and Juanita Miller are the directors of the Share-A-Prayer food pantry in Pine Bluff. And while their personalities differ, they both are passionate champions for the hungry.

There is no questioning whether or not you have met Juanita Miller before. Those that have met her know she is notorious for her hugs. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen her before in your life, she is sure to greet you with a hug.

It is that same kind of personal touch that has transitioned into their mission of feeding hungry Arkansans.

“Some people just need to feel loved,” says Juanita.

On any given week, Share-a-Prayer Ministries hands out at least 110 boxes of food to families. Their boxes contain enough food to feed a family for an entire week, maybe even longer.  Last year, they handed out 188,000 pounds of food. They also make deliveries to elderly residents as well as emergency boxes of food. Sometimes they go as far to cook people food right out of their own kitchen.

As for Juanita, she gives out as many hugs as their pantry does boxes.

“Everyone that walks through the door gets a hug. Some of them get two hugs.”

Joe Miller may not give out as many hugs but his wife says he was born to organize and is a hard worker.  She also adds that although it may not seem like it but Joe is a talker as much as she is.

Joe makes sure everything is on spot with the ministry and that the food pantry runs nice and smooth- like a well-oiled machine.

For him, getting involved in their community was a no brainer.

“It is our duty to help others. As long as the Lord gives us strength to do it, we will keep on.”

Juanita feelings are no different.

“We started doing this because people were in need and we gave food to them. It is what God told us to do so we just did it.”

Both in their 70s, the Millers are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, anyone who has met the them know they have the energy of someone half their age.  Because of the joy and passion they bring to serving others, they are able to provide comfort, along with a box of food, to so many Arkansans.



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