Michael Jordan - Cereal All Star

At just 10 years old, our next “Face of Hunger Relief” is the youngest person on our list. He also just happens to share the same name as one of the best basketball players in history: Michael Jordan

Even though this Michael Jordan can’t dunk a basketball yet, he does know how to give an assist in the form of cereal boxes.  Over the years he has collected approximately 7,000 boxes of cereal for the THV Summer Cereal Drive.

His mom said it started when Michael was three years old.  He wanted a way to help other kids his age who might be dealing with food insecurity and they thought the cereal drive would be the perfect way to accomplish that.  The first year, Michael collected 13 boxes.

His donations each year kept growing.   It went from 50 to over 100.  From 100 to 200.  From 200 to 400.  Then in 2013, Michael surprised us all with a truck load of cereal thanks to Wal-Mart in Searcy: 3200 boxes.

Michael and his parents each year spend several hours going around Little Rock asking friends, families, even stopping by some businesses to collect cereal.  It all makes a difference to make sure the ONE in FOUR CHILDREN in our state have breakfast.

This year, after several days of collecting cereal, Michael came in and told his mom that the 200 boxes they have collected were not enough.  He wanted more…more cereal for the 21,000 kids in Pulaski County that face food insecurity.  His determination led to another 312 boxes, bringing his total this year to 512.

Michael has set an example of giving back not only for children his age but people well beyond his years. He truly is a passionate champion for the hungry and we are very grateful for all of his hard work.



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