Patricia Wright "Does Something Right"

Pat WrightOur next person on the countdown of “30 Faces of Hunger Relief” takes us to Clark County. When you think about community and hunger relief in Arkadelphia, they go hand-in-hand with Patricia Wright For years, she has been helping feed thousands of people from her food pantry at the Community Family Enrichment Center.


Each week, 100 families come through the green and red pantry door for food. In 2013, the Community Family Enrichment Center handed out 187,000 pounds of it, with most of that coming from the Arkansas Foodbank.

“I see it as a part of giving back to the community," Wright said.  "I grew up in this community…I was 2 of 12 children. I understand. People in this community took care of me growing up. They helped us”

Now she is helping others: twice a week, every week. Not only that, during Thanksgiving, Patricia and her volunteers pack 500 holiday meal boxes with everything from a turkey or ham to stuffing and all the sides.

And when times are hard at the pantry?

“I have never had a problem with asking people to help. If we need more supplies, I never hesitate to ask for a fundraiser,“ she said. “I understand poverty and what it means when you only have X amount of dollars and you have children to feed, and rent and all the utilities that come with it.”

That understanding means the world to so many people who visit her pantry. One person getting food told a Foodbank employee that it is good to know that someone cares so much about her family.

“She must be doing something right,” said a volunteer after announcing to Patricia that she was one of the Foodbank’s “Faces of Hunger Relief.”

We agree wholeheartedly. I’m sure the community of Arkadelphia does too.




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