Glen Shuffield & Tim Jordan - Building Hope

Our next “30 Faces of Hunger Relief” takes us to Point Cedar, Arkansas. Tucked in the western most area of Hot Springs County sits a food pantry that distributes to people in need across five counties. That pantry is called Hope Outreach and the name tells their passion: they give hope to everyone around them.
The outreach is growing, and to help lead the change is two men: Glen Shuffield and Tim Jordan

Glen Shuffield has been helping people in his community for years.

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David Mason - Stamping Out Hunger

Our next person on the Foodbank’s “30 Faces of Hunger Relief” list is near and dear to our hearts. Little Rock Post Office letter carrier David Mason passed away in February of this year. David played a pivotal role in organizing the letter carriers food drive in Little Rock for the past 6 years.

Those that knew David knew how passionate he was about helping those that are hungry, especially the children.

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Joe Copeland: "I Can't Stay on the Sidelines"

Our next “Face of Hunger Relief” is Arkansas Foodbank Board Member and Regional President of Performance Food Group (PFG) Joe Copeland. Performance Food Group has played a huge role in alleviating hunger all over the country and especially here in Arkansas. This week, Mr. Copeland discussed his involvement with the Foodbank over the years and why he decided to become a face for hunger relief.

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