Serving Hope this Spring

A Retired Veteran Can Eat, Thanks to You

At 91, Alton has seen it all. When he was a boy, he and his family lived through the Great Depression. Then, as a young man, he served his country during World War II. He remembers both of these experiences well, which is why even though sometimes his budget is stretched a little thin, he knows his situation could be much worse. 

Today, Alton lives in Beebe with his son. He loves this community, which he says is the friendliest he’s ever lived in. Alton isn’t one to complain, but he admits it can be hard living as a retiree with only a small amount of Social Security to cover all his expenses. 

One day, during a visit to his local library, he learned about the pantry at Beebe Christian Outreach, the nearest Arkansas Foodbank and Arkansas Rice Depot partner agency to his home. Now, Alton has access to healthy staples along with fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement his food budget. He says the food he receives here has made a world of difference in his quality of life.

“Thank you is not enough.”

Because he’s received so much help from friends like you, Alton chooses to show his gratitude by volunteering at the food pantry three days a week. He helps fill sacks of groceries for others to take home. In this role, he claims he’s become “the best doublebagger in all of Arkansas” after so much practice using two bags for the heavier groceries he packs up. 

Without access to the nourishing meals you help provide, Alton knows he wouldn’t have the energy to serve his community. He’s grateful for this gift, made possible by your generosity.

“Thank you is not enough,” Alton says. "I'm able to live better than I could without it."

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