Fighting Hunger Since 1984

Our Mission Statement:
The Arkansas Foodbank is a cornerstone of hunger relief that acquires and distributes, through local and national partnerships, large quantities of food and other resources to hungry people.

Our Vision:
Creating a community where no one has to go hungry.

What we do:
The Arkansas Foodbank has been fighting hunger in Arkansas since 1984. Last year, 2013, the Foodbank distributed 20.9 million pounds of food to our approximately 300 member agencies in central and southern Arkansas and to the state's five other regional Feeding America food banks.

More than 250,000 people within the Arkansas Foodbank's 33-county area don't have a steady source of food; nearly 90,000 of them are children. 

With a new and larger distribution center, a doubled transportation fleet, new branch warehouses in the far-reaches of our service area, and a variety of child feeding programs, the Foodbank is uniquely positioned as never before to supply food to those struggling with hunger. 

And just imagine what that means - 

A child with three square meals a day - the kind of balanced meals that wouldn't contribute to the current crisis in obesity - would be able to pay attention in class, perform in school, get better grades and have a brighter educational future. Elderly people on fixed incomes wouldn't have to choose between food and medicine. Recovering addicts could get the nourishment they need while they get back on their feet. An unemployed single parent could focus on finding a job instead of finding a meal. 

The stage is set. The stakes are high. The answer is within our reach.



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